Thursday, March 04, 2010

When you feel weakest, dangers surround,
Subtle temptations, troubles abound,
Nothing seems hopeful, nothing seems glad.
All is despairing ; oftentimes sad.

Keep on believing, Jesus is near.
Keep on believing, there's nothing to fear ;

Keep on believing, this is the way :

Faith in the night as well as the day.

If all were easy, if all were bright.

Where would the cross be ? where would the fight ?

But in the hardness God gives to you
Chances of proving that you are true.

God is your wisdom, God is your might ;
God's ever near you, guiding the right ;
He understands you, knows all you need ;
Trusting in Him you'll surely succeed.

Let us press on, then ; never despair !
Live above feeling, victory's there ;

Jesus can keep us so near to Him,
That nevermore our faith shall grow dim.

1 comment:

Eliana Satterlee said...

Great lyrics, can totally sing to that!
So I did some investigation on the songwriter: Lucy Milward Booth-Hellberg (1868-1953); she is the daughter of the Booths.
She worte this song in 1889 and here is what she said:
"This was the first of the many songs I composed. I was, I think, about seventeen or eighteen years of age, and sick at the time, my chest causing my darling mother some anxiety. The doctor had called at our old home, 'Rookwood', and whilst my mother was speaking to him, I went to the piano and played the tune. Later, Commissioner Duff helped me with the rhyming of the words, but the thought contained I them was quite my own, and sprung from the incident I have mentioned....Soon after it was composed the words, 'Keep on believing', hung on the walls or nearly every slum quarters in London."
Personally it was cool to see how she was the same age as I am when she wrote this song and the words go really well with my state of heart right now!
Pretty cool!